About Us

It all started in 1992, when walnut culture began to be seriously treated in Moldova and when the first potential buyers appeared in the country. They were the companies from France, who became the pioneers of the Moldovan walnut market. At that period of time the founder and the acting CEO of the company began to engage in this type of activity and gradually step by step conquered the previously unknown markets of European and Eastern countries.
But the main development of the business activity occurred in 2004, when the company “MAESTRO-NUT” was founded.
The beginning of the business was heavy, but now “Maestro-Nut” is one of the major processor and exporter from Eastern Europe.
Due to the constant development and satisfaction of all  customer’s needs, the company has today acquired their respect, trust and recognition.
“Maestro-Nut” has reached the level of professional processor and exporter of walnut kernels, which meets the highest demands from customers from all countries of the World.
As the turnover increased and the network of the clients grew, the management of our company decided that Quality of the product is a top priority for us. Food safety is essential for “Maestro-Nut” and so our motto “The Power of Quality” appeared.
For many years the management of the company has been emphasizing the quality of the product, therefore at the moment “Maestro-Nut” is certified according to the international quality standards such as BRC, IFS, Organic EU / NOP / Biossuise, Kosher and Halal.
In 2009 there was another significant moment for “Maestro-Nut”. The company became a member of the organization “International Nut and Dried Fruit Council”, participation in which put our company to the highest world level. This membership provides access to the information about the latest innovations and technologies regarding cultivation, production and processing of nuts and dried fruits.
In 2017 “Maestro-Nut” became a member of the Sedex / Smeta social responsibility organization.
In order to maintain and constantly improve the high standards of product quality and to meet all client’s needs the most advanced equipment is used in the production process, namely various calibrators, sorting optical and laser machines, drying chambers, vacuum machines, metal detectors and other equipment. For a long-term storage of the product with preservation of high quality, the company owns a refrigerator (ab. 600 ton capacity).
As a result, due to the high quality and competitive prices, our products are widely represented in the markets in such European countries as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France, and also we fruitfully cooperate with partners from the USA, Canada and China. All our clients are looking for exceptional quality. This is what “Maestro-Nut” can fulfill due to a professional team and the right approach to the business.
Despite the successes achieved in more than 25 years of work, “Maestro-Nut” continues to improve its development at every stage.