Left FrameWe have placed our workshops in three different areas of the country. One is in the north, one in the center and the third in the south. This way every workshop covers a certain region of the country and the acquisition of the raw material is constant. Every collection point is endowed with equipment for measuring quality in order to guarantee that safe and good raw material is received at reception. The main workshop is situated in the center of the country in the town Orhei. It is the biggest workshop of all three. It covers 2100 sq. m. The sorting area can accommodate up to 1000 workers at a time. 

Left FrameThe main company facility is endowed with top end laser sorting equipments from leading European manufacturers. We have taken cautious measures in order to guarantee that our clients receive highest quality product.  Additional packaging equipment provides us with flexibility to grant desired packaging suitable for storage & transportation in various climate zones. Every product carton when traveling through processing line is thoroughly checked for ferrous and non-ferrous admixtures. Additionally the three layered quality control, provides enhanced food security level especially for the buyers who use the kernels directly in the food product chain.   In two challenging export periods (beginning of the season and summer period), (virgula) “Maestro-Nut” resorts to using drying chamber for controlling moisture in the product and its new cold store facility with a 300 tons input capacity to store the goods safely and protected against high temperatures.