Quality & Awards

“Maestro-Nut” maintains a regular quality and safety program aimed to guarantee the demanded levels at anytime for anyone. At “Maestro-Nut” any product demand may be executed according to clients’ preferences.

Our quality program includes: walnuts

  • Regular HACCP Certification
  • Annual Organic Certification
  • Production Facility Sanitation
  • Lot assignment to product batches
  • Pest/Insect Control Foreign Material
  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Detection
  • External Laboratory Microbiological Analyses

walnuts   Frame Left“Maestro-nut” SRL is proud to be awarded Golden Category Award “International Star For Leaderhip In Quality”, for outstanding business achievements, for perseverance and leadership in excellence, and quality in accordance with QC100 Criteria in Paris, on April 19th, 2010. The International Business Initiative Directions (BID) Quality Award is awarded on the basis of commitment to the criteria outlined in the QC100 TQM (Total Quality Management) which serves as a guideline to business leaders in the improvement of processes and systems. Total Quality Management (TQM) is an organizational approach to customer satisfaction involving customers, people, and the continuous improvement of the processes. The creation of the TQM QC100 model is the result of many years of dedication of professionals, specialists in business management, who have worked toward defining the philosophy and the modern concept of quality.

walnuts “Maestro-Nut” is a member of the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council. The INC is the International source for information on nuts and dried fruits for: Health, Nutrition, Food Safety, Statistics, Government Standards and Government regulations regarding trade barriers and trade quality standards. 

The membership gives us the following benefits:

  • Official recognition by the Committee of Agriculture of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva where harmonization of global quality standards are set;
  • One source of annual statistical information from producing and consuming countries of the nuts and dried fruits;
  • Market outlook review on a quarterly basis;
  • Access to government leaders and industry experts via the magazine and annual meetings;
  • Access to timely information on industry developments, steered by INC Secretariat and industry working groups;
  •  Participation in world symposiums that promote nut and dried fruit consumption to food experts.